Sidhe Origins

In the christian paradigm, a word of knowledge is information given by YHVH.

There is an exercise to practice knowing the “voice” of YHVH so that the person will recognize it. I have done this quite a few times.

It’s a simple request for information based on passages from the text. The verses are one about every hair on a person’s head numbered, (Luke 12), the pouring of spirit in the last days, (Joel 2m Acts 2) and asking in his name will be given to you (John 14)…and…ask in faith, nothing wavering (James 1.)

What we (my honey and I…and others from previously in my life) do is ask for tidbits about each other that we did not previously know. My answers mostly come in images. Usually a scene that includes accurate details, like a hat her dad used to have or another was a toy red car her brother and her would squabble over as kids.

Once I got “words.” It’s in quotes because I don’t hear anything. A name popped into my mind and the concept of stealing food. Turns out one of her friends by that name used to nick goodies from the Subway they worked at.

Yesterday and today I tried this on another subject, that being the sidhe. It took a lot of work. For one I had to quell my mind. My brain likes to constantly speculate on things, and flood me with images. If I have my eyes open and can remain focused on something, it’s not so bad, but when i try to sleep….errgh….but i digress.

I had to quell this. I had to let go of all I wanted as I wanted something true, not something from my mind to satisfy my desires. So when I started I went first to my subject of interest, the sidhe, but then stopped myself, and gave over to YHVH that he would tell me whatever he thought I should know. So of course, when got my mind cleared, the Sidhe came up. It was immediately different. It was like the information from the exercise above. It came, not from the buzzy stream of my mind, but from some deep well.

What were the sidhe? The wording of the answer was, “These same were the Sons of Lyr.”

Very interesting. Also, I got that they TOOK boats, and came to Ireland by way of Britain, meaning they originated somewhere else.

I had to quell my mind again, then i asked about the Dannan. I had previously had this idea that perhaps they were from the two Amorite cities spared by Joshua. The answer, “Not entirely Amorites.” That was confusing. I asked, what they were. The answer was, “They come out of the Sidhe” And I got “Intermingling” Then was reminded (as this took some time) “Not entirely Amorites.”

Seems I was being told that at some point Those Amorites mingled with the Sidhe, and the dannan were the result.

Lastly, I asked about Lyr. “Giant. Very Tall.” and thus of course Lyr would be dead. A shedim of sheol.

After this I was overcome with some emotional need to praise and thank YHVH. It got teary, also, I felt I needed to fast at least 24 hours, which i finished today. I asked more then, about myself specifically. How I came to be. There were no words now, just concepts. My mother, the summonings she did as a teenager and the idea of bloodline.

I am not sure what it means, I will be praying and fasting on this likely later. I am worried though. My mother was, for lack of a better word, afflicted with a spirit for years. It got to her when she did summonings. What worries me is that was the very shedim of sheol, and that is part of how I am sidhe. I am worried that this thing may have been with her when she became pregnant with me, and that is where the sidheness came from, coupled with a bloodline.

it’s not a good feeling really, and it may not be a good thing. But i wanted to know.

Published:Sep 3rd 2012
Modified:Sep 3rd 2012
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