A Brief Intro to the Sidhe


   The Daoine Sidhe (sometimes Aes Sidhe) are a group of beings found mentioned in Celtic Myth,  References can be found in the Tale of the Two Pig Keepers and the tales of the Fenian warriors (Specifically Oisin's mother).  Welsh mythology, such as the 1st branch of the Mabinogi, contain strikingly similar beings that are not named as Sidhe. The Sidhe are associated with the Tuatha De Dannan either through a mechanism where the Dannan become the Sidhe upon leaving Ireland, or because the Dannan moved into the Sidhe lands.  Sidhe are often ranked as a type of faerie, though difficulties in defining that term abound and won't be addressed in this article.
   Physical attributes are not specified by any mythological source material but some attributes can be gleaned. The Sidhe seem to consistently have talent in sorcery or some similar innate magical abilities. However lines between them and other people in the mythos can blur from time to time as sorcery is not limited to Sidhe and they seem to engage in normal activities for the time such as riding horses into war using swords and dying by the sword.

Sidhe in Current Spiritual Thought

  Sidhe live on via spiritual and psychological beliefs held by a number of people.  This type of thought can be found mostly within otherkin communities though it is not restricted to people who use that term.  To stay on topic, there are people who believe themselves to be Sidhe in one way or another, be it ancestry, reincarnation, incarnation and psychological identification. I happen to be one such person.  
   For these people the nature of the Sidhe is compiled via experiences they have such as memories, dreams, meditative visualization and even information requested from deity. This has of course resulted in a varied picture of what the Sidhe are.  They range from celestial and ethereal beings that do not normally exist with physical form to a tribe of biological humans, descended from angels, that possess a spiritual anomaly.
    Despite the difference profound similarities have been discovered as people have communicated their experiences online. In many independent cases, Sidhe are associated with silver light.  Sidhe also, in these cases, possess one or more points of energy, similar to a chakra, that the individuals describe as a silver star.  
   That about does it for introductory information. For more info and resources check the posted links and other articles here.

Published:Aug 15th 2012
Modified:Aug 15th 2012
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